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Can the da Vinci Surgical System help you get back to life faster?

Genene Aiken was suffering with the pain of fibroid tumors. But as a busy mom, she didn’t have time for a long recovery from surgery. By choosing da Vinci surgery, where four small openings replace a long surgical incision, she got back to life quickly.

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How does less invasive joint surgery get you back to life faster?

Maylon Murphy’s knee pain was keeping her off her bike and away from the activities she enjoys. Thanks to minimally invasive knee replacement surgery she was back on her bike—in tandem with her husband—in just weeks.

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Women’s physician services in Beaufort, providing high-quality and comforting care.

When Dr. Berniece Redmond moved to the Lowcountry to open Beaufort Memorial Obstetrics & Gynecology Specialists, she didn't come to slow down and take a break from medicine. She did so for the love and passion she has for caring for women and babies, and to be a leader in a special kind of birth: the birth of a new place where women in Beaufort, Bluffton and beyond can come for specialized, personal care at every age and stage of life.

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Kent Background

How far do you have to go for advanced heart care?

Kent Easty didn’t let a heart attack slow him down. His cardiologist at South Carolina’s first Duke-affiliated heart center used a blood vessel from his wrist, rather than his leg, for his cardiac catheterization, speeding his recovery.

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Why have a mammogram at the Women’s Imaging Center?

Jess Laboy lost two family members to breast cancer. So, when her mammogram raised suspicions, she wanted answers fast. She turned to Beaufort Memorial for her ultrasound, where she could get same-day results, easing her anxiety.

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Can cancer care have an extra measure of excellence?

Laura Braun of Hilton Head Island considered all her options when she faced a breast cancer diagnosis. She learned that she didn’t have to travel far to find leading-edge care—she found it at the close-to-home Beaufort Memorial Keyserling Cancer Center.

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