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Breast Tomosynthesis

The Breast Health Center at Beaufort Memorial offers breast tomosynthesis, or 3-D mammography. This optional scan, which is performed after your traditional mammogram, captures a series of images that display layers of breast tissue using powerful C-View™ software. The approach is clinically proven to increase cancer detection and decrease false positives.

The series of detailed breast images allows the radiologist to evaluate your breast with greater accuracy. Fine details are more clearly visible, allowing doctors to pinpoint abnormalities that might not be visible on a standard mammogram. This technology is especially beneficial for women with dense breast tissue, which can easily mask cancers and abnormalities. Best of all, the low radiation dose is no more than that of a standard mammogram and is well below the safe level set by the FDA. 


Insurance Coverage for Tomosynthesis Varies by Provider

There is a $50 charge for tomosynthesis, but some insurance plans now cover the charge, including Medicare, Medicaid and Cigna. If you’re interested in adding tomosynthesis to your next mammogram, contact your insurance provider in advance. You’ll need to ask if tomosynthesis and interpretation by a radiologist are covered, as those procedures are submitted and billed separately.


 Two Convenient Locations

To schedule an appointment, call 843-522-5015 and visit the center in either Beaufort or Bluffton. 

 Beaufort Medical Plaza (3-D Mammography available here)
 989 Ribaut Road (on the Beaufort Memorial main campus)
 Beaufort, South Carolina 29902


 Bluffton Medical Services
 7 & 11 Arley Way, Westbury Park
 Bluffton, South Carolina 29910


Financial Assistance

Assistance may be available for patients in need through Medicaid or the hospital-sponsored Financial Assistance Program, which uses federal poverty guidelines as a baseline for determining need. Learn more.

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