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Types of Surgery

Types of Surgery

Beaufort Memorial’s team of board-certified surgeons focuses on providing the highest quality patient outcomes. Our surgeons utilize advanced surgical tools including the da Vinci robot, which has high-definition imaging and tiny instruments that rotate farther than the human wrist.

You and your doctor will discuss surgical options together. You have an active role in your health so research your options, ask questions and discuss any concerns. Any surgery has risks, but in many cases the benefits to be gained outweigh them.

Types of Surgery

A variety of factors go into determining which type of surgery is right for you. Surgery is individualized and takes into account unique health considerations. Beaufort Memorial offers many different types of surgery including:

Ambulatory Surgical Center

For surgery that doesn’t require an overnight stay, the Beaufort Memorial Ambulatory Surgery Center offers an excellent outpatient surgical environment. Each year more than 5,000 patients turn to our affiliated team of more than 40 board-certified surgeons for specialty surgeries in ear, nose and throat; general surgery; gastroenterology; orthopaedics; and more.

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