Medical Services

Before Your Surgery

Preparing for Your Procedure

If you are having surgery at Beaufort Memorial Hospital, you and your surgeon will schedule a preoperative appointment.

  • This appointment is for your preoperative health history and assessment with the Department of Surgery and Anesthesia.
  • You will be interviewed by the Surgical nurse Liaison.
  • Diagnostic tests will be completed.
  • And you will be seen by an anesthesiologist based on your history and/or planned surgical procedure.

To ensure your visit is comprehensive, you will need:

  • A complete list of current medications (name/strength) and allergies.
  • Surgeon’s orders.
  • Results of diagnostic tests not done at BMH or the name, address and phone number of where the tests were performed, as well as the dates they were performed.
  • Be prepared to give your past medical and surgical history.

Pre-Op Instructions

Your individualized instructions will be discussed and you will be provided with a written copy at the time of your visit. In addition to the Surgical Nurse Liaison instructions, please follow your physician’s specific instructions.

ALL Surgical Patients

The following information applies to all surgical patients:

  • Do not bring valuables with you to the hospital.
  • A parent or guardian must accompany minors.
  • Do not wear makeup, jewelry, powder, lotion or cologne If you are going to be admitted overnight.

ONLY Outpatient Surgery Patients

Specific for outpatient surgery, the following information applies:

A responsible adult must accompany you, who can:

  • Receive your postoperative and home care instructions.
  • Provide your transportation home (you cannot drive).
  • A responsible adult caregiver is to be with you for the first 24 hours.

Before your visit is complete, be sure to give the Surgical Nurse Liaison the phone number at which you can be contacted if there is a need to verify information with you and/or change your specific instructions.

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