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Joint Replacement Profiles


The Joint Replacement Experience

Go inside joint pain and joint replacement with local patients and Beaufort Memorial joint care team members.


Mary Mack

Mary says having knee replacement at Beaufort Memorial was one of the best things she’s ever done.


Michael Hudson - Hip Replacement

Michael was young, active and in desperate need of relief from severe hip pain when he came to Beaufort Memorial.


Maylon Murphy - Knee Replacement

Maylon replaced both knees at Beaufort Memorial and couldn’t be any happier now that she’s out and about - without pain.

Joint Health and Wellness


How Can I Alleviate Joint Pain?

There's more to hip and knee pain treatment than joint replacement surgery; conservative treatment may provide relief.


When Should I See a Doctor about Joint Pain?

Learn the signs and symptoms of arthritis, and when it’s time to get a clinical opinion about joint pain.


What Treatments Can Alleviate Joint Pain?

Knees and hips can wear like gears in a machine, but advanced treatments can restore them to good working order again.

Joint Replacement Surgery


How Can Advances in Technology Benefit Joint Therapy?

Advanced surgical approaches to joint replacement are making surgery more effective and less invasive.


When Should You Think About Hip Replacement?

If conservative treatment fails to relieve pain, the answer to a more comfortable life may be joint replacement surgery.


What is "Custom-Fit" Knee Surgery?

Computer modeling customizes knee replacement surgery to each patient’s unique anatomy.


Why have Hip Replacement Surgery Close to Home?

Find the top-notch orthopaedic care, surgeons and medical staff right here in the Lowcountry at Beaufort Memorial.

Have questions? Learn more about joint wellness at our monthly Joint Replacement Informational Session. To register, call 843.522.5585. Or, email the Joint Replacement Center or call 842.522.7435.


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