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Joint Surgery Day

Nurse on day of joint surgeryJoint replacement surgery day is a busy one. Just a few hours after surgery, most patients are up and moving around. As the joint team carefully monitors your recovery, you’re readied to begin group physical therapywith the other members of your joint class. As always, your total joint coordinator will be close-by to answer any questions or to lend a hand. Here’s what you can expect on surgery day:


  • You will arrive at your designated time — usually two hours before surgery.
  • Your First Mate can be close-by for most of your stay (including overnight).


  • You will check in at the surgical lobby desk and then you’ll be escorted to your room.
  • Your nurse will help you prepare for surgery, review your planned procedure and allergies, and place you on several monitors.
  • When you head to the pre-op area, your First Mate can join family members waiting in the surgical lobby.

Pre-Op and Surgery

  • You’ll be examined by your anesthesia care team, discuss your medical history, and determine the appropriate anesthesia for your procedure.
  • When you arrive in the OR, you’ll receive anesthesia, and, when you’re comfortably asleep, other pre-surgical preparations will begin.
  • Anesthesia and nursing teams will assist in your care throughout your surgery.
  • Family members will receive a tracking number to monitor your progress throughout your procedure, and OR nurses will update them as necessary.
  • After surgery, you’ll be transported to the post-anesthesia care unit (PACU) and your surgeon will contact your waiting family members.

Post-Anesthesia Care

  • A specially trained nurse will care for you during your time in the PACU.
  • Your nurse will stay close to your bedside and will ask you frequently to move your legs and feet, cough, and take deep breaths.
  • Your surgical site and pain will be carefully monitored.

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