Post Joint Replacement Surgery: Pain Management, Diet and Medications | Beaufort Memorial Hospital, South Carolina 29902

After Surgery

Post Joint Replacement SurgeryWith joint replacement surgery complete healing begins. Your team will work hard to keep you comfortable and progressing during your short hospital stay. You’ll make your way through the Lowcountry Tour during group physical therapy and practice strength-building exercises with rest and relaxation in between. Here’s how we’ll work together toward your independence in the hours following surgery:


  • Nurses will closely monitor your surgical recovery for the first 24 hours, checking your vital signs, surgical site and breathing.

Pain Management

  • The joint care team will work with you to ensure you are as comfortable as possible by keeping your pain under control.

Diet and Medications

  • Ice chips and liquid will be available at first, then a light meal later in the evening. Your diet will progress as your body heals.
  • You’ll receive home medications plus a clot-preventing blood thinner as ordered by your physician.


  • Physical therapy and nursing staff will help you get out of bed, take a few steps, and sit in a chair for a short time the day of your surgery.
  • The day after your surgery, you begin your “Tour of the Lowcountry” with group physical therapy sessions two times per day.

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