Birthing Preadmission, Arrival & Discharge South Carolina: Maternity Center, Birthing Center | Beaufort Memorial Hospital, SC 29902

Preadmission, Arrival & Discharge


By completing the preadmission information on our form and faxing it or mailing it back to us, you’ve taken care of a big part of your hospital stay. When you start feeling your first contractions, you don’t want to have to worry about insurance questions and other paperwork. We have financial counselors who can answer your billing questions. Call us at 843-522-5151.

You can call the BMH Centralized Scheduling number (843-522-5015) to set up an appointment, or you may save time by completing our secure online pre-registration form.

BMH Admitting Department
955 Ribaut Road
Beaufort, SC 29902
(843) 522-5112
FAX (843) 522-5563


When you are ready to come to the hospital, go directly to The Birthing Center entrance. After 4:30 pm or on weekends, go to the Emergency Department. Please bring your insurance and/or Medicaid card, and an identification card that includes your photo.


You, your doctor, and your baby’s doctor decide when it’s time for you to go home. Here’s what you can expect:

  • If you have a son and selected circumcision, be aware the procedure might not be done until his discharge day. After the procedure, your son will be observed in the Nursery for at least 30 minutes. Then, he can stay with you in your room and you’ll receive instructions for his care.
  • Once your doctor writes the discharge order, your nurses will complete the paperwork and discharge instructions for you and your baby.
  • Your nurse will discuss the instructions with you, and will make sure your questions are answered. You will also receive a written copy of the instructions to take home.
  • When you and your baby are ready for the trip home, our staff will escort you and your family to your car. Once again, remember to have your new car seat installed so you can take your “Special Delivery” home safe and sound!

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