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Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation Services

Getting You Back to Your Activities

Our rehabilitation services team uses its skills and expertise to help people with a wide range of conditions. We offer:

Outpatient comprehensive rehabilitation. You can access outpatient rehabilitation services in three convenient locations: the Beaufort Memorial Medical and Administrative Center at 990 Ribaut Road; the Outpatient Rehabilitation Clinic at 1251 Ribaut Road; and Beaufort Memorial Bluffton Medical Services in Westbury Park.

Inpatient rehabilitation. If you need rehabilitation before going home or being released to another facility such as a nursing home, you can receive care in our Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit.

Pediatric rehabilitation. Some youngsters need extra help in order to reach their potential. Parents can turn to HealthLink for Children, our pediatric rehabilitation program located in both Beaufort and Bluffton.

Pulmonary rehabilitation. If you have breathing or lung issues, we can help.

Cardiac rehabilitation. Our staff brings its expertise to an extensive menu of rehabilitation services to help you get back to your normal life after heart problems.


We also help people with:

You generally need a physician referral to access our rehabilitation programs or services.

For more information or to find out how to get a referral: 843-522-5630.

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