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How We Conserve Blood

Reducing Your Risk of Blood Transfusion

Our dedicated doctors, nurses and other professional staff members work together to provide you with a variety of alternative treatment options to reduce your need for blood transfusion. Depending on your surgery or medical condition, your doctor may choose:

  • Oral iron pills to correct iron deficiency slowly over time and help your body make new red blood cells.
  • Supplements such as vitamin C to help your body absorb iron. Folic acid and vitamin B-12 to assist in generating new red blood cells.
  • Intravenous iron to quickly correct iron deficiency and help your body make new red blood cells.
  • Synthetic erythropoietin (EPO), a medication to help your bone marrow increase red blood cell production.
  • Micro sampling, which takes the smallest possible amount of blood for testing.
  • Cell Saver, a device used to collect blood lost during surgery. Your blood is then filtered and returned to your body.
  • Surgical tools and techniques to reduce blood loss during surgery such as; specialized scalpels, specialized cautery devices and/or medications. Minimally invasive surgery such as laparoscopic or robotic surgery.

Questions about Blood Conservation?

For more information on our blood conservation methods, contact the blood conservation coordinator—a registered nurse with specialized training in blood conservation—at 843-522-5293 or by email at

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