Your Room

Your Room

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Making Your Stay Comfortable

In addition to your bed and medical equipment, your room will have a closet for clothes, a TV, access to a bathroom/shower, a chair for a visitor and a phone.

Your room number determines your phone number. The first part of the phone number is 522-5___. So, if you are in room 445, your phone number will be 522-5445.

If you are in a semi-private room, the bed closest to the door (Bed A) will have the number 522-5+ your room number. The bed closest to the window (Bed B) will have the number 522-7+ your room number.

(Example: You are in room 252 Bed A; your phone number will be 522-5252. If you are in Bed B in that room, your phone number will be 522-7252.)

Your closet does not have a lock. It is designed for extra clothes. Please make sure that you give any valuables to a family member to take home.

Your visitors are welcome; we know the comfort they can bring. However, please limit the number of visitors as much as possible. Although you may enjoy the extra company, other patients may be trying to sleep and our staff needs to deliver care in a quiet, comforting setting. If your visitors are hungry, please ask them to eat in the cafeteria. The smell of food can be unpleasant to other patients. For Visitor Information, click here.

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