What to Bring

What to Bring With You

We want your stay here to be as comfortable as possible. This packing list can help make your visit more pleasant and convenient.

Please bring:

  • Insurance cards (such as Blue Cross, Medicare or Medicaid).
  • Photo identification.
  • Emergency contact numbers.
  • Copies of forms for advance directives, living wills and power of attorney.
  • Current medications. Your nurse will note your medications, and then a family member or friend can bring them home. The hospital pharmacy will provide all your medicine during your stay, including over-the-counter medications.
  • Eyeglasses and/or hearing aids
  • Comfortable, loose clothing. 
  • Bedroom slippers or warm socks
  • A pillow.
  • A pen and notepad.
  • Books or magazines, crossword puzzles or needlework.
  • Eye covering and ear plugs if you are sensitive to light or noise.
  • Toiletry items and cosmetics.

Please do not bring:

  • Credit cards or cash.
  • Valuables, such as jewelry and watches.
  • Laptop computers and tablets. You can have a family member or friend bring in electronic devices when you are recovering.
  • Other electronic or electrical equipment, such as radios or hair dryers.

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