Visiting Hours & Etiquette

Planning on Visiting a Patient? Here's some important and useful information for you:

 Golden Rules of Hospital Etiquette

  • Bringing the kids? Children under 13 are discouraged from visiting our patients; if children under 13 do visit, they must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Flowers or treats? Absolutely welcome, but please consider allergies or special dietary needs when selecting your gift. Many patients may be on restricted diets. Additionally, due to latex allergies, latex balloons are not permitted at BMH. Please bring foil or Mylar balloons as an alternative. Flowers are not permitted in the ICU.
  • Questions? Make a list and present it to the doctor when he or she makes rounds. Keeping track of the doctor’s answers in a notebook is helpful, should you need to refer back to it later. This is also a good time to take notes concerning after-care.
  • Smoking? Don’t do it inside or out. Our campus is smoke-free for the health of our patients and visitors.
  • Have a cold? Avoid visiting the hospital. We want to maintain the healthiest atmosphere possible to ensure a smooth recovery for our patients. You can SEND “CHEER CARDS” for free to a hospitalized friend or loved one.
  • Wash your hands. Germs are not welcome, so please wash your hands and use hand sanitizer when visiting our patients. (This also decreases your chance of picking up someone else’s germs.) Wash your hands again after touching objects or surfaces in the hospital room, before and after eating and after using the restroom.
  • Knock first. It's possible that your loved one (or your loved one's roommate) is undergoing lab work or another procedure that requires privacy.
  • Avoid heavily-scented lotions or perfumes. They can trigger allergies or sensitivity.
  • Don't sit on the bed. There may be tubes you cannot see. We provide chairs for your comfort.
  • Stay positive. We have your loved one’s best interests in mind and your positive, upbeat attitude can often be a powerful healing tool.

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