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Women's Imaging – Jo Anne Tudor

"This is where I find my peace."

Jo Anne Tudor

“I’ve lived by the river my entire life — on this same land. As a child, we didn’t have neighbors so we created our own entertainment. We always had a dock and we always had a boat. We learned how to swim, throw cast nets and crab there, and we’d walk in the pluff mud at low tide.

“The older I get, the more I am aware of what a blessing the river is for me. The sea birds, the oysters popping, the lapping water, the creaking of the dock rising — that’s where I find my peace. It’s a beautiful symphony of nature. And it’s a refuge from the craziness of life. I always come away from the tidal creek in a better place than when I went down.”




Jo Anne's Medical Team
Beaufort Women's Imaging Center



Modern Mammography

“I was born at Beaufort Memorial Hospital and I gave birth to both of my children at Beaufort Memorial. Thankfully, we haven’t had to go back for too many other important issues. But when Beaufort Women’s Imaging Center came along, it was wonderful.

“You’re able to go in and have your mammogram and be moved so professionally and kindly through all the different aspects of your appointment. If there’s an issue, it’s addressed while you’re there. You don’t have to wait and come back another day. If they need another view, it’s done while you’re there and it’s read while you’re there. You’re not leaving with a lot of questions.

"Before, you’d go in for a mammogram, go home and wait for a piece of paper or a phone call. There was a lot of waiting and wondering. When you’re young and it’s a routine procedure you don’t have time to dwell on it. When you’re older and your health is in question, it’s different. Having your results in hand is peace of mind.”

Living Well

“I never miss a mammogram. They’re part of my lifestyle now. Having Beaufort Memorial here is another big bonus to being a part of this community. It means a lot to have the team and the doctors here. It’s a very big plus for the women of this community.

"When I leave and I have the results, it’s a wonderful feeling — like a check mark off of a long list of things to do. It brings me peace of mind, just like the river."


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