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Surgical Services – Tina McGee

“I'd turn the world upside down for them.”

Tina McGee

"I knew it was going to be different being a grandmother than it is being a mother. My kids I had to discipline and raise to be productive citizens. My grandchildren I can spoil!

“The twins are alike in some ways, but they are like night and day in others. They're both very active and it can be very hard because they forget their grandmother is the age that she is. When I'm around them, they keep me very active."



Tina's Medical Team

Dr. Gregory Miller
da Vinci Robotic Surgery


 A Minimally Invasive Solution

“I went to see my doctor because I'd been having some problems -- more pain and longer cycles. I would hurt so much I couldn't play with them. That kind of pain made me feel, honestly, like I wasn't a good grandmother.

“When Dr. Miller found the fibroids, I was shocked. I was thinking the hysterectomy would be major surgery with a really long recovery period like my mom had years ago. Then he explained it's not like that anymore.

"I knew everything that was going to happen and that made me very at ease. It was one incision through my navel. And once it healed, you couldn't tell anything had been done.”

Living Well

“After surgery, I felt great. In a few weeks, I came back to work. I felt like I hadn't even had surgery. I bounced back almost like a kid. 

“To be fully recovered was the most wonderful thing in the world. And then I was able to play with my grandkids again. That's the best part. I was able to run around and play again.

“They're my light. It's wonderful to be back.”

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