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Joint Replacement – Suzanne Larson

“We have a very special part of the world here.”

Suzanne Larson

"I have been fortunate to have lived in many places around the world and I’m so glad I live here. The Beaufort Lowcountry is a piece of paradise and Hunting Island is one of the most special places to me."

“The first time I saw Hunting Island was about 35 years ago. It was like being in another world — so tropical and lush. It’s so diverse. There’s the sand dunes,    the maritime forest, the beaches. It was like nothing I’d ever seen.

“My husband and I love to go for walks on Hunting Island. It’s so untouched by man, so elegantly pristine that it’s just a wonder to walk through. But, it can be difficult and I had to stop. Sometimes the terrain is uneven and it can be difficult if you have a bad joint.”




Suzanne's Medical Team
Dr. H Kevin Jones
Joint Replacement Center
Outpatient Rehabilitation



 Having Hip Replacement

“I have arthritis and I had an automobile accident a couple of years ago. My car was totaled by a drunk driver, and the accident accelerated my hip problem. I avoided going up and own steps. My doctor had given me as many cortisone shots as he could, so it was time to do something. I was in quite a bit of pain.“I was concerned about having surgery, but I was delighted when I found out Beaufort Memorial does the anterior approach to hip replacement. I was glad I could stay home and have it done here, and not have to travel to Charleston or Savannah.

“I was really impressed with the care I received and was surprised at how painless my recovery was. It was not what I expected at all and everyone was so kind and compassionate. Even the physical therapy was so much fun that I forgot I was actually in rehab and getting well. I was completely healed and renewed in a very short period of time.”

Living Well

“I had no idea how much my life had been compromised by my poor arthritic hip. I’m a new woman! I swim, dance, go to the gym, and even walk on the beach with no problem. I am not limited in what I can do because of pain or inflexibility. My quality of life has improved significantly. 

“I enjoy being healthy and I wanted my body to feel good again. This experience taught me that I can heal and that, even as I age, my body can get better. It’s miraculous. There are 175 steps in the Hunting Island lighthouse and I have no qualms about tackling them. I can go all the way to the top and it doesn’t even hurt at all.

“I feel like I had the best doctor in the world — right here in Beaufort.”

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