Medicare Supplement

Medicare Supplement

Choosing Medicare Supplement or Medicare Replacement Plans

It can be difficult to make a decision on a Medicare supplement or a Medicare replacement plan. Although we cannot advise you in your choice, we can share helpful information that may make your selection easier. Below are two links with information regarding Medicare Advantage and Medicare supplements (Medigap). The opinions on these websites are not sanctioned by Beaufort Memorial Hospital (BMH).

BMH insurance plan affiliations

We accept insurance from many different plans. Since plans change regularly, you may want to check the list before your outpatient procedure or inpatient admittance.

The information on our website related to insurance plans changes periodically; make sure you check back from time to time.

While making a decision, be sure to understand whether the plan you are considering is a Medicare supplement or a Medicare replacement plan.

Find out what providers are participating in the plans you are considering.

While comparing plans, consider your obligations - co-pays, co-insurance and deductibles.

Additional evaluation points are benefits, such as drug, dental, vision or hearing coverage.

Although rapid changes are facing us in health care, please know that we are carefully evaluating the plans with which we contract. We want to be there for your health care needs when you need us.

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