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City and Hospital Leaders Team Up For Sidewalk and Roadway Improvements

Sidewalk improvements, access to the upcoming walking trail and landscaping are part of a joint effort by the City of Beaufort and Beaufort Memorial Hospital to improve the Allison and Ribaut roads intersection.

"We are pushing safety and pedestrian access throughout the City, but this partnership is especially important because of its key location to the medical campus," Beaufort Mayor Billy Keyserling said.

In July, the Beaufort Memorial Hospital Board of Trustees unanimously approved inclusion of a 10-foot-wide, multi-use path and sidewalk and a seven-foot-wide landscaped area on Allison Road adjacent to hospital property.

The landscaped pathways will connect the hospital's new Life-Fit and Administration building now under construction, with the main hospital campus and with the soon-to-be-built rail trail. "We are pleased at the ability to partner with the City of Beaufort to connect the Beaufort Memorial Hospital campus to the new rail trail pathway and to work on making this intersection safer and more attractive," said Jerry Schulze, chairman of the hospital's Board of Trustees.

"Each day, thousands of people use this intersection as they move through the city or come to Beaufort Memorial as patients or employees. As we expand our campus with a new building across Ribaut Road, this project is important to us," he said.

Friends of the Spanish Moss Trail and the PATH Foundation out of Atlanta, who are assisting the City of Beaufort, Beaufort County and the Friends, were also involved in the discussions with the Hospital regarding opportunities to increase or enhance public access to the Trail. Because of the increased width of the multi-use path, part of the path will be located on Hospital property outside the existing right of way for Allison Road. The hospital board agreed that the path would provide a health-related community benefit, especially as it will eventually connect the existing wellness trail across Ribaut Road on the Hospital's main campus to the Spanish Moss Trail, and agreed to dedicate that portion of hospital property to the City.

The hospital also agreed to provide an area for a six-foot-wide safety landscaped area and a six-foot-wide sidewalk along Ribaut Road, which again requires part of the sidewalk to be on hospital property.

An illustration of the proposed corner of Allison Road and Ribaut improvements is available at, as well as the City's website.


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