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Construction Update – We’re Growing

Construction continues on the George N. Pratt MD and Sarah Meyer Pratt Emergency Center. In April, the ER was temporarily relocated to the Heart Center entrance and 2 Central to allow work to continue in the former ER space. We know this is a difficult time for everyone, but the end result will make it all worthwhile. We expect the new Pratt Emergency Center to be open in November or December of this year.

A lot of planning and research has gone into the new emergency department’s development, and everyone is looking forward to its completion. The new department will be almost twice the size of the old one and will have many efficiencies built in, including a much larger ambulance bay.

“We’re doing everything we possibly can to minimize the inconvenience throughout this extensive project,” says BMH Plant Services Director Marion Moody. “So far, I’m pleased to say we have had no disruption in hospital services, and that continues to be our main goal. However, that takes a lot of coordination to be sure everyone knows what is happening and when. People here have been great about that.” In the meantime, please bear with us! Parking is at a premium, as is space in the temporary ER location. Please try to limit the number of people who accompany patients to the ER.

If you are having a problem and aren’t sure whether to go to the ER, call your doctor. If a home health agency is caring for you, call them. Sometimes a minor intervention can eliminate the need to go to the hospital.

Administrative Offices

Construction has begun on a new administrative support building across the street from the hospital, at the corner of Allison and Ribaut roads. An expanded LifeFit Wellness Services will be located on the first floor of that building, consolidating many services that are spread all over the campus.

All offices in small suites near the hospital will be relocated to the third and fourth floors of the new building, and the second floor will be shelled in for future expansion. The suites where the offices are currently located will be removed to allow for more parking. We expect this project to be completed in late December or early January 2013.

New Property for Expansion

We have purchased 20 acres of land in Bluffton near the intersection of highways 170 and 278, which will allow for expansion of Bluffton Medical Services. In the next few years, all of the services we offer in our Bluffton location will move to larger quarters in a new building owned by Beaufort Memorial.


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