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Don't Be Fooled by Phone Scam


Officials warn area residents to question any solicitations that appear to be from Beaufort Memorial

Beaufort Memorial officials are advising residents to take steps to verify a caller’s identification if they receive a call that appears to be coming from a Beaufort Memorial extension.


The hospital has been alerted to a phone scam called “spoofing” whereby scammers falsify the information on recipients’ caller ID screens to make the call appear to be coming from a legitimate source. Recent reports by local residents indicate that the scammers are making a variety of requests, from soliciting social security numbers or credit card information to attempting to sell goods or services. 


“Although it does not appear to be a widespread issue, we want to make the community aware of the scam to ensure that no one inadvertently shares information with someone who is falsely representing themselves,” said Willard Fosberry, director of Information Systems at Beaufort Memorial.


The hospital is advising that area residents who receive a call from a BMH number to ask the caller for specific identifying information, including name and position, department and call-back number. Then, call the hospital’s main number at (843) 522-5200 or toll-free (877) 532-6472 and ask the switchboard operator to directly transfer you to the appropriate person and/or department.


“Do not provide personal or financial information to anyone representing themselves as a BMH employee without screening the caller, then verifying the information by calling the extension yourself” Fosberry says. “And, if a caller is asking for bill payment or personal identifying information, hang up and call the phone number on your billing statement.” 


According to Fosberry there is no evidence that there has been a breach of the hospital’s medical records, and the calls appear to be random, targeting Beaufort County residents. The hospital has notified its phone carrier, CenturyLink, as well as local and federal agencies, including the Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).


You can report scams to your local phone carrier or to the South Carolina Department of Consumer Affairs by calling 844-TELL-DCA (835-5322), clicking REPORT A SCAM on their website, or Tweeting @SCDCA using the hashtag #TellDCA.


For more information about scams and how you can protect yourself, visit the scam information page on the South Carolina Department of Consumer Affairs website.


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