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Women's ImagingOur Beaufort and Bluffton imaging sites both offer screening exams in a comfortable environment. And with radiologists available, you can receive your results the same day.

On the day of your appointment, you will check in and be shown to a changing room where you'll find a cape to drape over your shoulders for privacy. Our technologists use MammoPads to provide you with a softer, more comfortable experience. After your test, you dress and return to the waiting room while the radiologist examines the results.

If everything looks good, you will be handed a card stating the test results and recommending when you should return for a follow-up exam. Your doctor will receive a copy of the results as well.

If the test reveals anything of concern, the radiologist or the breast care coordinator will discuss the results with you and contact your doctor.

If you are at the Beaufort center, more definitive tests can be done right then. (If you are at the Bluffton site, a diagnostic referral to Beaufort can be made.) Our breast care coordinator will guide you throughout the process, answering your questions and providing contact info in case you have more questions later.

Schedule an appointment: 843-522-5015.

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