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Staying healthy is easier when you know what you need to keep track of and when. Here’s a handy reminder about current screenings and preventive care that healthcare providers recommend for women:


Recommended Preventative Care

Well Check-up: At least every two-three years based on your healthcare provider’s recommendation

Flu Vaccine: Yearly

Pelvic Exam: Annually for women age 21 and older or as early as age 13 to 15 if medical history indicates

Blood Pressure Check: Starting at age 18, once every one-two years or once per year with elevated blood pressure

Vaccines and Immunization Boosters: As recommended by your physician


Recommended Screenings

Mammogram: Women ages 40 through 75 should be screened yearly based on level of risk

Colonoscopy: Starting at age 50 and through age 74, every 10 years or as recommended by your physician

Bone Density Exam: Tested beginning at age 65 and as recommended by your physician


Other Important Screenings and Preventative Care

Glucose Screening: Every three years if you have blood pressure higher than 135/80, if you take high blood pressure medication or based on physician’s recommendation

Cholesterol Screening: Starting at age 35, every five years

Cervical Cancer: Pap test every three years HPV Test: Every 5 years if your Pap test includes an HPV test

HIV Test: At least once or more frequently based on your level of risk

STD/STI Tests: Adults and adolescents ages 15-65 should be screened based on level of risk


Need to schedule an appointment? Find a board certified OB-GYN or call 843-522-5015 to schedule a mammogram in either the Beaufort or Bluffton location of the Breast Health Center.

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