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Surgery Day

Surgery Day

When your surgery day arrives, here’s a general idea of what happens and when. Whether you have surgery in an OR at Beaufort Memorial or a same-day procedure at the Beaufort MemorialAmbulatory Surgical Center, expect professional, patient-focused care.

Having Surgery — Same-Day and Inpatient

  1. In the pre-op area, nurses check your health and vital signs and perform tests.
  2. Dentures, plates, contact lenses, hearing aids and any other prostheses must be removed.
  3. Family members may visit in the pre-op area.
  4. Your body will be marked where the surgery will take place.
  5. Surgery start times are estimates. We work hard to avoid delays but can’t always prevent them.
  6. With paperwork and consents complete, you’re transported to the OR suite for surgery.
  7. In the OR, anesthesia is administered before surgery.
  8. A member of your surgical team will call or visit to update family. A family member should be in the waiting area at all times.
  9. Loved ones can track patient progress on the tracking board in the waiting room.
    After surgery, you’ll transfer to the Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU) to recover.

Anesthesia Care

The anesthesia care team has an important role in your surgery. Your anesthesiologist is a specialized physician with the extensive clinical training needed to effectively evaluate your medical condition, recommend an appropriate anesthesia plan, diagnose and treat problems that can surface during surgery, and follow up after your surgery. Find an anesthesiologist.

Patient Advocate

As a patient, you have the right to respectful and considerate care. In addition, there are specific rights and responsibilities you have during your visit.

Questions? Visit the FAQ for answers to common pre-surgery questions. Or contact your surgeon’s practice.

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