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Prepare for Surgery

Prepare for Surgery

An important part of having surgery is being prepared. Knowing what to expect and taking care of key details before your surgery let you fully focus on your healing and recovery.

Preparing for Surgery — Same-Day and Inpatient

1. Obtain precertification from your insurance provider if required.
2. Register for Beaufort Memorial’s patient portal so you’ll have secure, digital access to key health and medical information.
3. Attend a preoperative appointment with your surgeon, which will include

  • Health history and assessment
  • Diagnostic testing
  • Anesthesiology
  • A full medication and allergy review
  • Review of any tests not conducted at Beaufort Memorial
  • Preregistration for your surgery

4. Prepare for and follow any preoperative instructions provided by your surgeon.
5. If staying overnight, pack personal items that will help you be more comfortable.

Packing and Personal Care Do’s

  • Bring your insurance card and a photo ID.
  • Include current medications — prescription and over-the-counter.
  • Bring eyeglasses or hearing aids.
  • If staying overnight, pack comfortable clothes or pajamas, slippers, a pillow, a blanket, magazines, toiletries or any items that will help you during your stay.

Packing and Personal Care Don’ts

  • Do not bring valuables, jewelry, credit cards or cash.
  • Do not wear makeup, lotion or cologne.
  • Leave computers and tablets at home. Family members can bring you electronic devices once you’re recovering.
  • Home electronics such as radios or hair dryers are prohibited. If you have a necessary item such as a CPAP or electric razor, discuss this at your preoperative visit or ask your nurse for assistance.

Questions? Visit the FAQ for answers to common pre-surgery questions. Or, contact your surgeon’s practice.

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