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Knee Replacement

Man on BicycleWhen nonsurgical treatments cannot resolve knee problems, joint replacement surgery — also called arthroplasty — may offer relief. At theJoint Replacement Center, Beaufort Memorial orthopaedic surgeonsreplace injured or worn joints with artificial partial or total joints that can restore mobility and alleviate pain.

Minimally invasive surgery is the preferred surgical approach, which, in most cases, exposes less of the joint, reduces post-operative pain, and speeds recovery. The Joint Replacement Center provides advanced replacement options, including Vanguard Knee Replacement with Signature Personalized Patient Care, which customizes surgery to the patient’s unique anatomy, and the Oxford Partial Knee, which replaces only the worn-out areas of the knee and spares any healthy bone and cartilage.

Vanguard Knee Replacement with Signature Personalized Patient Care

  • Creates a custom-designed artificial joint using MRI imagery and ultra-precise digital measurements
  • Uses data to build a custom-sized joint which is placed within the knee in the optimal location based on unique anatomy characteristics
  • Provides a more natural feeling of movement and structural alignment

Oxford Partial Knee

  • Replaces only the damaged area of the joint, preserving healthy bone, cartilage and ligaments
  • Utilizes a smaller implant which can mean less post-operative pain and a faster recovery
  • Results show the unique design supports low joint wear and high durability

While knee replacement has risks and better mobility cannot be guaranteed, many patients are highly satisfied with their joint replacement and their experience in Beaufort Memorial’s highly effective group therapy model program.

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