Hip Replacement Surgery South Carolina | Total Hip Joint Arthroplasty at Beaufort Memorial Hospital

Hip Replacement

Woman in GardenHip replacement surgery — also called arthroplasty — replaces diseased or worn out bone ends with artificial components. At Beaufort Memorial’s Joint Replacement Center, board certified orthopaedic surgeons use minimally invasive hip replacement to often quite effectively increase hip function and mobility in patients while reducing pain.

Hip replacement procedures are performed in different ways. The traditional posterior approach inserts the new joint from a rear incision while the anterior approach inserts the artificial joint from a smaller side incision that doesn’t damage surrounding soft tissue and muscles. The anterior approach, a specialized surgery that isn’t available in every community, has been performed at Beaufort Memorial since 2013.

Total Hip Replacement

  • Replaces damaged bone areas with new surfaces
  • Creates a new socket by replacing the upper part of the thigh bone with an artificial ball and lining the hip socket with metal and plastic
  • Utilizes minimally invasive surgery where possible to reduce surgical trauma and shorten post-surgery recovery

Like any surgery, hip replacement surgery carries some risks and better mobility cannot be guaranteed; yet many patients credit the surgery for restoring the lifestyle and day-to-day activities they previously enjoyed. They also appreciate the unique experience that comes with having joint replacement in Beaufort Memorial’s highly effective group therapy model program.

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