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After decades of knee pain finally forced John out of the saddle, Beaufort Memorial’s Joint Replacement Center helped him climb back on even stronger. In fact, John worked so hard to regain good health and mobility; he’ll ride on for years.

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When Suzanne’s arthritic hip was worsened by a car accident, she decided it was time to regain the life and activities she cherished. Thanks to anterior hip replacement at Beaufort Memorial, she’s back in her favorite Lowcountry sanctuary once again.

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When this owner of two popular Lowcountry art galleries was practically sidelined by pain she came to Beaufort Memorial for a solution. She says her decision to have knee replacement at Beaufort Memorial was one of the best things she’s ever done.

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When joint pain stole one of Maylon’s greatest joys —bike riding with her husband — she decided it was time to do something about it. Now that she’s back to tooling around Sun City on the tandem, she couldn’t be any happier.

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Michael was shocked to learn the source of his ongoing hip pain: painful, degenerative hip disease in both hips. Today, he’s grateful an advanced, minimally invasive procedure repaired his hip joints, restored his mobility and erased years of pain.

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Have questions? Learn more about joint wellness at our monthly Joint Replacement Informational Session. To register, call 843.522.5585. Or, email the Joint Replacement Center or call 843.522.7435.

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