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Joint Replacement 101

Whether it’s a partial knee or a total hip, a new joint is designed for smooth motion and lasting performance. Here’s a quick look inside different joint replacement surgery options.

Total Knee Replacement

 Total Knee Replacement Surgery 

Creates an entirely new replacement knee joint using an artificial joint. Joint type and placement depend on age, joint shape and other factors. Beaufort Memorial offers Custom Fit®, Attune® Knee System and Getaroundknee™ System


Partial Knee Replacement 

Partial Knee Replacement Surgery  

One side of the joint is resurfaced leaving the healthy side intact. Many patients experience a shorter hospital stay, faster recovery and smaller scar than with total replacement. Beaufort Memorial offers the Oxford® Partial Knee.


Hip Replacement

Hip Replacement Surgery  

Damaged ends of two bones are removed and replaced with new surfaces. The upper part of the femur (the long thigh bone) is replaced with an artificial ball. The hip socket in the pelvis is lined with metal and plastic. The new ball glides normally in the artificially lined socket. Beaufort Memorial offers rear (posterior) or front(anterior) surgical approaches.



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