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Memory Center

A Team Approach to Caring for Those with Memory Loss

Couple on BeachAre you or someone you love concerned about memory loss? If so, you have a resource in the Beaufort Memorial Memory Center at Bluffton Medical Services.

At the center, a knowledgeable, dedicated team of professionals offers comprehensive assessment, treatment and care coordination. Led by Paul Mazzeo, MD, a board-certified neurologist and an expert in memory disorders, the team includes a health care navigator to coordinate any services that may be needed, a speech-language pathologist and an occupational therapist.

Upon referral to the Memory Center, expect a thorough, nonthreatening neurological evaluation. Included in the evaluation could be cognitive testing; brain imaging; lab studies; review of any current medications and supplements; and genetic analysis.

After the evaluation, the center’s team members review results and make a diagnosis. They then recommend a course of care designed to slow decline. It could consist of medication, dietary changes, physical activity and techniques to stimulate the senses, exercise the memory and strengthen brain function.

Equally important, the team offers information and supportive practical advice—for patient and caregiver alike—on living with the diagnosed condition. The goal is to increase coping skills and reduce stress for all concerned.

The center does not provide all necessary care, but instead collaborates with and draws on the strengths of existing community agencies that offer complementary services.

An additional benefit offered by the center is the opportunity to participate in FDA-approved clinical trials and research studies.

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