Maternity Services South Carolina: Maternity Center, Birthing Center | Beaufort Memorial Hospital, SC 29902


At our South Carolina maternity center, we work closely with Beaufort obstetricians/gynecologists and pediatricians to provide a broad range of care to your newborn. After your baby is born, your pediatrician or family medicine doctor will:

  • Meet you during your stay.
  • Perform routine newborn screening tests.
  • Administer required and elective vaccinations.
  • Provide a complete physical.
  • Refer your baby for specialty care if necessary.

We have a team of experienced postpartum nurses, lactation specialists and parent educators to assist you throughout your stay, give you the information you need as a new parent, and send you and your new baby home in the best of health. After your baby is discharged from the hospital, we coordinate his or her healthcare with your primary physician.

Parenting Classes

Our LifeFit Baby University classes cover prepared childbirth, newborn care, and breastfeeding. 

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