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Talk to Your Doctor About Your Options to Avoid Blood Transfusion

Speak up! Let your doctor know ahead of time if you do not wish to receive blood or if you have concerns about receiving a blood transfusion.

Have your doctor explain the alternatives to a blood transfusion so you can make an informed choice that is right for you.

Be prepared. If you are planning to have a high-blood-loss surgery, ask your doctor these questions. For best results talk to your doctor three or four weeks before your surgery date.

What are my chances of having to receive a blood transfusion with the surgery you are planning and why?

What is my hemoglobin level? Know your number. A level of 13g/dL or higher is recommended prior to a high-blood-loss surgery. If you are anemic (hemoglobin less than 13g/dL), ask your doctor to check your iron levels for iron deficiency anemia.

What can I do before surgery to reduce my chances of getting a blood transfusion”

What treatment options are available for me to avoid transfusion?

Will I need iron therapy, vitamins, or other medications to increase my blood count to prepare for this surgery?

If I do need a transfusion, what are the risks and how will it affect my recovery?

For more information contact the BMH Blood Conservation Coordinator at 843-522-5293 or email

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