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Blood Conservation

Reducing Your Risk of Blood Transfusion

Even though blood transfusions are safer than ever, they still carry risks, including the possibility of adverse reactions or viral and bacterial diseases. Through our Blood Conservation Program, we aim to reduce the need for blood transfusions.

Avoiding transfusions when possible offers a variety of benefits. Patients who don’t have transfusions tend to heal better, have fewer infections and complications, and go home sooner than those who do receive blood. A wide range of patients can benefit from blood conservation. If you are scheduled for surgery and may be at risk for transfusion, talk to your doctor about your options.

With the Blood Conservation Program, effective alternative treatments and methods provide advanced medical and surgical care without the need for blood transfusions. We are the only hospital in the Lowcountry to offer such a program.

Blood conservation also helps to conserve the donated blood we have for those times when transfusion cannot be avoided. Learn more about donating blood.

Questions about Transfusions?

If you have questions about transfusions and how to avoid them, contact our blood conservation coordinator—a registered nurse with specialized training in blood conservation—at 843-522-5293 or by email at

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