Core Values


Beaufort Memorial employees are committed to the hospital’s five Core Values. All employees and all job applicants must pledge to behave in accordance with them.

The Core Values are listed below; please review them carefully. To increase your understanding of the values, we have included behavior expectations for each.

Please be aware that to apply for a job at Beaufort Memorial, agreement to abide by the Core Values is required.


Know the right thing and do it consistently.
Behavior expectations for this value:

  • Honor commitments.
  • Own your behavior; acknowledge mistakes.
  • Help others act with integrity—set the example.
  • Follow policies, procedures.
  • Understand responsibilities.
  • Give credit where due.
  • Avoid gossip.


Act with genuine concern for the well-being of others.
Behavior expectations for this value:

  • Treat every person with dignity and respect.
  • Respond to the emotional, physical and spiritual needs of those around you.
  • Make a personal connection.
  • “Be there” when someone is talking to you.
  • Show cultural sensitivity.


Respectfully seek and share information.
Behavior expectations for this value:

  • Greet everyone with a smile.
  • Communicate in a clear, accurate and timely manner.
  • Be aware of facial expression, tone of voice and body language.
  • Confidential information stays confidential.
  • Respect HIPPA.
  • Make eye contact and actively listen.
  • Choose appropriate method.
  • Choose appropriate location.
  • Keep messages simple.


Be collectively and personally accountable for the success of BMH.
Behavior expectations for this value:

  • Act in a trustworthy and dependable manner.
  • Choose a positive attitude.
  • Help others learn and grow; share your knowledge and skill.
  • Maintain licensure, certification and competencies required for your job.
  • Set a good example.
  • Arrive on time and ready to work.
  • Perform needed tasks even if they are assigned to others.
  • Complete assignments and meet deadlines.
  • Make work fun for yourself and others.


Keep patients, visitors, co-workers and ourselves free from injury and harm.
Behavior expectations for this value:

  • Follow policy and procedures.
  • Know emergency codes and take appropriate actions.
  • Respond to changes in your surroundings (e.g., patients, sounds, smells).
  • Wash your hands.
  • Use your safety equipment.
  • Report hazardous conditions/safety risks immediately.

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