Duke Symphony Orchestra Concert - Beaufort Memorial Hospital

Duke Symphony Orchestra Concert



Beaufort Memorial Hospital Foundation is pleased to announce that Bill and Josie Paddock served as honorary chairs for its annual Duke Symphony Orchestra concert fundraiser on April 1st of 2017.  As longtime supporters of Beaufort Memorial and music lovers both, the Paddocks have always enjoyed the concerts.

Bill served on the Beaufort Memorial Hospital Board of Trustees for 12 years, half of them as Chair, during which time he saw the hospital grow and expand its services at an impressive pace. He also knows how very much our local hospital depends on community support, noting that “this concert is a wonderful opportunity for us all to come together for a really good cause.” As one of the Foundation’s most popular and successful fundraisers, it has raised a total of nearly $285,000 to support BMH’s Healing Arts Program in the Keyserling Cancer Center and other facilities.

For 14 years now, Conductor Harry Davidson has traveled with more than 60 Duke students and faculty to perform works of well-known and emerging classical composers. “Our musicians look forward to the concert each year,” he says. “As our only performance away from Duke, the Beaufort concert is really a highlight of our schedule.” 

“Our audience responded to the opening number with a spontaneous standing ovation the first time they performed, and they’ve been a hit every year since” recalls Alice Moss, Executive Director of the BMH Foundation. Bill and Josie agree, adding that “the students are incredibly talented and energetic, and the audience is filled with people of all ages just soaking it in.”

Josie attributes this largely to the conductor’s personal style. “He does an amazing job of drawing the audience in as he sets the stage for each new piece. It’s fun and interactive, and we always come away with a much deeper appreciation of the music.” Another feature of the evening was the collaboration of the orchestra with the USCB University Chorus directed by Victor Varner.

After the concert, Patrons had the opportunity to join Davidson and the musicians for a special Conductor’s Reception at the historic Louis Reeve Sams House on Bay Street, the home of Mr. and Mrs. Scott Myers.


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