Nursing-Sensitive Indicators

Nursing-sensitive indicators include the National Database of Nursing Quality Indictors (NDNQI) survey, nursing-staff-to-patient ratios and other metrics. The NDNQI is a registry (database) endorsed by the National Quality Forum (NQF).  Beaufort Memorial reports its nursing data to the NDNQI and in turn is able to benchmark itself against data provided by more than 1,800 other hospitals.

The NDNQI RN survey is administered every spring to all direct-care RNs at BMH. We typically exceed benchmarks in the areas of nurse empowerment and positive work environment, and we use survey results to create action plans for practice environment improvement.  Our staff nurses and nurse managers—the frontline caregivers who know our practice environment best—partner on the plans’ creation.

The environment we have cultivated for our nursing staff was recently validated for the second time through our Pathway to Excellence Survey, which indicates that we provide a workplace where nurses can thrive, share their voice, and participate in governance and other key decision-making that affects their daily work.

We are proud that in 2011 we became the first hospital in the state to receive the coveted Pathway to Excellence designation from the American Nurses Credentialing Center. Following the required reapplication in 2014, we were awarded redesignation as a Pathway hospital.  

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