Asthma Services

Dedicated to Excellence in Asthma Management

If you have asthma, your airways may be sensitive to allergens, chemical irritants, perfumes, tobacco smoke, cold air or exercise. When exposed to these stimuli, the airways may become swollen, constricted, filled with mucus and hyperresponsive to irritants.

Our LifeFit Asthma Management Program can help you take control of the coughing, wheezing, chest tightness and difficulty breathing that can accompany your asthma. With education, monitoring and follow-up, you can reduce inflammation in your lungs, control your symptoms and prevent most asthma-related problems.

With proper asthma management techniques, you can reduce:

  • Emergency room visits and hospital admissions
  • Missed school or work time
  • Rescue inhaler use

Our program, offered at the Beaufort Medical Plaza, provides one-on-one consultations with a respiratory therapist who follows you through the program. You also have access to our other programs, including Pulmonary Rehabilitation, Smoking Cessation and the BMH/YMCA LifeFit Weight Management Program.

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Camp Sea Breeze

Children with asthma can enjoy a unique social and recreational experience at Camp Sea Breeze, a weeklong summer day camp designed specifically for them.

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